Before I start posting bits of a book, I’ll be posting blog entries to keep this site active. I’ll be sure to post every Friday, plus some scattered posts in between. Settle in!

Today, I gave my final presentation for a class at UCSB. It went well! It was an epistemology class, and the last weeks were spent discussing various perspectives on intuition and art. When I think ‘intuition,’ I think ‘subconscious,’ so I presented a series of my own dreams I had recorded and let them play arm-chair psychoanalysts.

With the presentation finished, I have only one final remaining this quarter: Stochastic Processes. As a Mathematician in the CCS program, I have the opportunity to take classes in Computer Science and Statistics, and this Stochastic Processes series is one of the best I’ve taken. Maybe in the next weeks, I can tell you about continuous-time Markov Chains, or non-homogeneous Poisson Processes, or Brownian Motion, but for now I’m keeping that knowledge all for myself. I don’t want it to leak out my brain before the final.

In other news, I’m wrapping my head around PHP and WordPress, so hopefully the site’s architecture and style will be improved once I have the time to spare.